You don’t need to be an expert in science, technology, engineering or maths, or highly experienced in specific fields. In many cases A levels or equivalent are good enough. Berkshire employers are eager to upskill, retrain and recruit people of all ages to help fill their skills gaps, including offering apprenticeships up to degree level. Girls and women are especially needed.

Berkshire's colleges are also continuously improving their training offers to meet the needs of Berkshire businesses.
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27% of all jobs in Berkshire are in the fields of science, technology, engineering or maths.

1 in 10 jobs in Berkshire are in digital technology. That's three times higher than the national average. 

The most difficult vacancies to fill are software developers, engineers, health workers and teachers in these subjects.

68% of jobs in Berkshire are in small or medium-sized companies (from 1 to 250 employees).


Software Developers, Software Engineers, Cyber Security Specialists, IT business analysts, Architects and Systems Designers (particularly Big Data Specialists), Web Design and Development professionals, Electronics Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, and other engineering professionals, and STEM teachers. Other sector specific shortages exist in Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Environmental Science, Food Science, Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Digital Marketing.